Thank you Teacher and all my friends

I had landed in Kuala Lumpur (KL), which is now about 2 weeks ago, so that I could start working for an international NGO called SOLS 24/7. The work consists of teaching in a so-called Solar Academy, whose students are youth from underprivileged and underserved communities. It is unpaid volunteering in exchange for free accommodation and food, which the students get as well.

After spending a week at the HQ, where I got to meet many new amazing people and other international volunteers just like me, I was transferred to Segambut, a sub-district of KL. I’m stationed in a Youth Development Center (YDC) and the 100+ students here are learning about everything they need to become independent and self-sustaining. After completing the program they can either find work or go back to their communities to share their new knowledge.

My first days of teaching the solar energy classes were really amazing, the students are eager to learn and very thankful for the opportunity. They greet me with Hello Teacher every time they see me and after each 1 hour class the students rise up and together they say Thank you Teacher and all my friends. The first time they did this I almost started crying, I had never seen this before in my life.

The way this NGO developed and provides its education is miles ahead of any typical education that I know of and within just a couple of days it already became clear to me how effective their method is. I will be staying with them for at least 6 months and possibly longer after that. I have my own room here as opposed to the dormitories at the HQ and after the first night it already felt like home to me. My neighbors/colleagues are very nice and friendly, they are locals and have shown me some nice places around this area while I could practice my Bahasa Melayu with them.

I hope to update this blog once a week, thank you for reading 🙂

SOLS YDC Segambut street SOLS YDC Segambut YDC rooftop solar panels YDC rooftop view 1 YDC rooftop view 2 YDC rooftop view 3 kamarku2 kamarku1 nongkrong Desa ParkCity